Residential & Investment Property Remodeling

Remodeling in the Asheville, North Carolina area is sometimes the best option when you live in an area you love or find a home that needs some love. Either way, we can make it your dream home or a successful rental investment with simple updates or a complete remodel with layout changes and additions. 

Our Approach

Our Plumb Level Square team is small, with a seasoned project manager and a third-generation builder, providing a very personalized and custom approach to your remodel. We start with open dialogue, determining the scope of the remodel and the budget, offering suggestions to give you the best value for your investment, and creating a timeline for design and construction.

We work with you to select the best materials for the purpose of your home. Whether a long-term residence or a rental that may experience wear and tear, we want to ensure you are satisfied with the style and quality of your finished home.

Available Property & Completed Homes