Commercial Renovation & Upfits

If you’ve recently purchased a commercial property or have one that requires a renovation or upfit, you know there is a wide range of construction challenges. Commercial upfits can range from aesthetic and branding overhauls to complete build-outs. Plumb Level Square has the experience and knowledge to work with your design team and manage all aspects of these complex projects to give you a functional and beautiful commercial space.

Working With Plumb Level Square

Plumb Level Square’s experience with commercial real estate in Asheville, North Carolina, encompasses cold, dark shell upfits and renovations of existing commercial spaces, including restaurants, retail, professional offices, and more. We will work side by side with your architect and design team to value engineer your project and employ skilled subcontractors to upfit your commercial space, meeting project specifications in a timely manner. If you plan to start a new commercial project, please contact us for an on-site consult.

Available Property & Completed Homes